Guest Blog: Water Heater Tank Maintenance

  Water Heater Tank Maintenance

“flush it to extend its life “

 In many communities the local water supply is rich or high in mineral content and home owners in the know practice this tip to prolong the life of their water heater!

Simply hook up a garden hose at the bottom drain valve of the tank. Run the hose to either a bathroom tub or if the tank is situated in the garage then down the driveway. Shut off the inflow valve and then open the drain valve. You can see months or even years of accumulated sediment being flushed out of the tank and that simple procedure may keep the coils from burning out due to arcing which may occur in a tank that has not received this simple procedure.

Many times flushing proves to be advantageous when construction is disrupting the local water lines or especially when a home has been vacant for 4 or 5 weeks (allowing sediment to settle in the tank). With so many HUD properties and investor transactions occurring please don’t overlook this timely and beneficial procedure. Houses that may not have had the “loving and caring attention” of an owner occupied home frequently fall into this category.

Remember, the ideal time to “flush” the hot water tank is during the first 30 days of a listing period and definitely have it done prior to the end of the options period if the property is under contract.

Remember those sayings “timing is of the essence” and “sooner is always better than later”.

Thomas K. Healey

Senior Account Executive

Old Republic Home Protection

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