Flood Insurance changes

If you own a home or business that is in a flood zone, you need to be aware that some big premium changes are on the way. Here are two videos that do a good job of explaining the history of NFIP and the changes that may affect you.

Video 1


Video 2

Contact your insurance agent for more information on how these changes will affect your premiums.


Texas Real Estate Market

Here is a great video regarding second quarter home sales in Texas!    

If you are interested specifically in Abilene, here is a chart showing year to date:

HomeSalesAbilene 2013

As always, if you have any questions about buying or selling property, please give me a call at 325-725-9584 or email me at TREStore1@gmail.com.

HUD webinars: www.TRESHomes1@presenternet.com

HUD Home Buying Webinar

View a short webinar on the HUD Home Buying process.

Go to my website www.AbileneAreaHomes.com and click on the Webinar Image.

There will be a second more detailed webinar available in the near future that is mentioned in this short overview.

Thanks in advance for attending!

Have you ever heard of Wordle.Net?

Here is a fun website …. Wordle.net.

I knew that word clouds existed but I never really gave much thought to them. I had seen them a couple of times in news articles where someone had created one of the SOTU and then the Republican response and other instances, typically involving politics. Well, now I have found out about a website that creates them. I entered the info from my mobile website … www.BigCountryHomesforSale.com and came up with this one. It is an interesting and fun way to take a break. So grab a cup of coffee and Wordle-away!